Future Fashion
April 30, 2008

Just thought you might get a kick out of this video.

It’s designers of the 1930’s predicting the fashion of the year 2000.

Happy Viewing

And good luck on your finals.



Mixing Celebrity with Online Cheap
April 23, 2008

I found my muse in Stacy who recommended this awesome site to me as a great way to save bucks while saving face. No worries about looking amazing though, Asos replicates celebrity pieces that you know will look good in case some paparazzi are waiting behind the bushes.

In an homage to J’Adore Me, you don’t just have the Valley Mall for your closet to look like a celebrity. Asos is a British site that offers celeb lookalikes for maximum style. You don’t have to have grown up in the O.C. for some stress relief during this hectic time. This week, when time is of the essence, O.C. stands for Online Cheap.

Try this Mischa-inspired shirt to airily traipse around town or to dance the night away.

Have your currency converter ready though. In U.S. dollars, this style is only $13.21.

May your week be stress-free,


(Need Help?)Basic Tips for Thrifting
April 3, 2008

So now that you have the confidence as well as a list of prime thrift locations in the local area, it’s time that I gave you some tips for the actual process of finding quality thrifted items.


1. Don’t get overwhelmed: It’s normal to feel a little anxiety when walking into a thrift store. Furniture and books in the middle of clothing racks? No neat displays or finely filed clothing racks? Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think of all the money you will be saving!


2. Start with colors: It would take you a thousand years to look through EVERY item in the racks, so I simply stand back, and look for colors that catch my eye. It cuts your search time and prevents you from purchasing items out of obligation.

3. Don’t assess all the items immediately, cruise through the racks, and snag whatever you think you might like and move on. It’s a jungle out there ladies! You need to stake your claim on any good items! I guarantee if you look at an item for more than a minute and put it down, someone will be right on your tail to snatch it up.

4. Once you think you have everything you would like, carefully examine the items. Here are some things to look out for


-stains (check the armpits on lighter garments, gross, but remember that places like the goodwill have no requirements for clothing items they accept)

-missing embellishments (stones, beads, etc)

-loose threading

If you see any of these things, I would suggest letting it go. However if it is a particularly nice item (designer) or if you are at a consignment store, you can usually get an additional discount, but only if you ASK for it.

Remember thrifting is a chance for you to have fun hunting for QUALITY items at amazing prices…not simply cheap clothes.

Here are some links to other sites with good tips as well

10 tips for thrifting

thrifting like a pro

Happy Thrifting!


I Spy My Little Eye on… Leggings
April 2, 2008

So I am a bit torn on the leggings trend— whether to report it as a fashion faux pas or a successful comeback trend. I do have to admit that I own and wear leggings, but I only stick to black or brown cotton.

                                              hot-pink-leggings.png                  tie-dye-leggings.png

Faux Pas:The other day my friend walked out of the house wearing hot pink spandex/leggings pants with a short white top which didn’t extend further than her hips. She was using these pants as a substitute for jeans or another pair of pants and I am going to have to report this incident as a fashion faux pas.


Pulling it off: In the past I have also witnessed some women who pulled off the leggings look perfectly. Wearing a solid color pair of leggings is the perfect touch when wearing a longer shirt (by long I mean fully covers one’s bottom and some). Leggings can also look great when wearing a dress that may be a bit too short—you need to be careful not to show too much leg.

Leggings have some celebrities’ support. Read about Lindsey Lohan’s new plans to launch her own leggings line.


Here is some support from the Budget Fashionista on black leggings

What about men wearing leggings???

That’s all.

Detective Dolce

An UGGly Death.
April 1, 2008


Picture This.

You are running late for class. All of a sudden you hear it.

A train is about to pass through campus.

We all know how frustrating it is to wait 10 minutes for a train to pass, but the next time you think about quickly running across the tracks to beat the train, think twice…especially if you are a fan of those oh-so-comfortable Ugg boots…

We have previously posted on the controversy over whether the Ugg boot is in style or not. Maybe we should have been a little more concerned with its safety…

check out this article.

People attempted to save the 29-year-old woman from the oncoming train, but did not prevail.