Gwyneth Paltrow comes up short…
May 6, 2008

Can you believe she’s had two children! The woman looks amazing and is married to one of the most lovable and sincere musicians of today…


This to me is simply a faux pas.

Summer is fantastic for showing off those stems in a minidress, but lets keep it mid-thigh ladies.

I think I spy a  little butt cheek, and that just isn’t right.

So Gwyn, we love you, but please, extend the hemline juuuuuuuust an inch and keep your goods to yourself!


(Today TC was playing Detective Dolce as she perused the internet for some good celebrity fashion.)


I Spy my little eye on … BUSINESS ATTIRE (continued)
April 17, 2008

What to wear to work? Whatever the environment you work in, you must dress appropriately and of course fashionably. Sometime it can be a tricky decision figuring out what to put on before you head off to an interview or to just another day at the office, so I have put together a few things so you do make any of these fashion faux pas.

When dressing for work make sure you didn’t go over the top with your outfit or accessories.

Also remember that even though suits may not be the sexiest thing a woman can wear, you can still add a little spice to your outfit. If wearing a black suite have a little fun with the shirt under your jacket or with accessories.

Although you can add some flavor to your business attire with some accessories like a belt or earrings, make sure you are careful with how many you select and how flahsy they are. Don’t wear something too distracting so that it’s all someone can look at when they are talking to you.

Makeup is another thing that women deal with on a daily basis. We can all look better with a little makeup, but the key word is little. Especially be careful with eye shadow because you don’t want look like you are about to hit up a night club. On that note make sure your finger nails are presentable. Nothing is worse than seeing somone who has chipped paint spattered on her finger nails.

So for work, let’s keep it conservative but still looking good.

That’s all.

Detective Dolce.

I Spy My Little Eye on… Leggings
April 2, 2008

So I am a bit torn on the leggings trend— whether to report it as a fashion faux pas or a successful comeback trend. I do have to admit that I own and wear leggings, but I only stick to black or brown cotton.

                                              hot-pink-leggings.png                  tie-dye-leggings.png

Faux Pas:The other day my friend walked out of the house wearing hot pink spandex/leggings pants with a short white top which didn’t extend further than her hips. She was using these pants as a substitute for jeans or another pair of pants and I am going to have to report this incident as a fashion faux pas.


Pulling it off: In the past I have also witnessed some women who pulled off the leggings look perfectly. Wearing a solid color pair of leggings is the perfect touch when wearing a longer shirt (by long I mean fully covers one’s bottom and some). Leggings can also look great when wearing a dress that may be a bit too short—you need to be careful not to show too much leg.

Leggings have some celebrities’ support. Read about Lindsey Lohan’s new plans to launch her own leggings line.


Here is some support from the Budget Fashionista on black leggings

What about men wearing leggings???

That’s all.

Detective Dolce

I spy my little eye on… ????
March 25, 2008


Hello Everyone. Thanks for coming back to catch up on the latest fashion faux pas. This week I thought that I could do something different to spice things up a little bit. Instead of me reporting on a wardrobe mistake that I witnessed, I thought I would leave it up to you all to spy this week.  

I want you all to post/make a comment with a fashion faux pas that really irks you. Pictures are welcome and would be greatly appreciated—I think our viewers enjoy visuals. So hit the streets and report back with what you see and maybe wish you hadn’t seen. You can e-mail your ideas to me and I can post them or you can click the comment box below. Have fun.

That’s all.

Detective Dolce