Gwyneth Paltrow comes up short…
May 6, 2008

Can you believe she’s had two children! The woman looks amazing and is married to one of the most lovable and sincere musicians of today…


This to me is simply a faux pas.

Summer is fantastic for showing off those stems in a minidress, but lets keep it mid-thigh ladies.

I think I spy a  little butt cheek, and that just isn’t right.

So Gwyn, we love you, but please, extend the hemline juuuuuuuust an inch and keep your goods to yourself!


(Today TC was playing Detective Dolce as she perused the internet for some good celebrity fashion.)


Bohemian Beach
April 18, 2008

Check out this cheaper version of Kristen Bell’s outfit. And remember, live it up in the sun, but don’t forget suntan lotion. We don’t want to find the newest wrinkles on your tanned face, we want them to be your hot fashion sense.

1. Maxi Tube Dress from Old Navy $20.00

2. Linen Blend Halter Dress from Old Navy $19.99

3. Nicole Flip Flop Wedge from Payless $17.99

4. Reynolds Strappy Sandal from Payless $15.99

5. Beaded Black Necklace from Target $19.99

6. Green Drop Earrings $7.99

Dear Amanda…
April 4, 2008

… That’s me! Now I know what some of you may be thinking.  You either LOVE Amanda Bynes or you HATE Amanda Bynes. Whatever your opinion may be, let’s put our feelings aside and recognize her great taste for fashion! After all, that’s why you visit us everyday 😉 

Now if I can teach you anything about shopping in Harrisonburg it is this… stay away from CHEAP clothing! It’s easy to get lost and confused in a town known for having the largest Walmart on the East coast.  We all know that girl at Highlawn who wears the see-through white dress that unravels as she grinds with the kid from your GWRIT class.  Well, we don’t want to be like her.  Stick with me and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  

What I love most about this outfit is the simplicity of it all.  You can’t go wrong with a high waist skirt paired with a tank and patent black belt. Whether you are an aspiring career woman or a soon to be sophomore, put a little strut in your step and rock this cute outfit.  If you haven’t the hang of my style by now you should.  Less is more (and sexy may I add).  So feel confident as the spring nights approach and put a little wrinkle in your newfound style. 

As school comes to an end I would love some feedback on what you’d like to see featured from yours truly.  Whether it’s the latest styles in downtown Manhattan or the newest summer night beach trends let me know and I will be sure to deliver! Leave your responses below! Until next week… ~JM


1. Cotton Bra Cami from Express $16.50
2. Ruffled Tier Skirt from Target $16.99
3. Patent belt from JCPenney $19.60
4. Isaac Mizrahi Black Mary Jane Pumps from Target $29.99

Here Comes The Sun
March 28, 2008

Those summer nights are quickly approaching my little fashionistas and it’s time to prep your wardrobe. After all, who wouldn’t mind being confused for Kate Beckinsale when walking through the Quad?

As April quickly approaches, it’s time to put away your ugly North Face jackets and store your knee-high leather boots. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi and pull out your spring and summer finest. This outfit is quite versatile and can be worn to class or a night out on the town. This printed blouse is the perfect fit for those of us who enjoy a comfortable yet stylish look. This trapeze style top hides what’s underneath and accentuates your stunning neckline. Paired with light denim jeans and eyelet wedges, summer will be sure to follow wherever you may go. Until next week… ~JM


1. High Waist Wide Leg Jean from Express $79.50
2. Cleopatra Printed Top from Express $44.50
3. Eyelet Canvas Peep-Toes Wedges from Target $22.99
4. Button Fly Black Wristlet from Target $12.99

Tall, Slim, and Sexy
February 29, 2008

Even though some of us haven’t weighed 105 pounds since the seventh grade, this ravishing and uber chic outfit worn by Eva Langoria can look just as good on those of us without personal trainers. For you spring breakers, I know this look might be a little too conservative for the wild nights in Acapulco, but for those of you sophisticated women who might be spending your last spring break searching for a job, this outfit is absolutely perfect! I know some of you are far far away from the scary life they call reality, but fifth avenue is calling my name… and so is my bank account.

Whether you chose to spend your spring break nights at a local downtown bar, or a night in the city you call home, piece together this ensemble for a fabulous outfit. No matter what your shape or a size, high waist EVERYTHING is absolutely in. Haven’t seen UREC in several weeks, semesters? Well not to worry, this outfit will give you the skinny waist you’ve always wished for. A high waisted skirt paired with a flirty belt will help define your waist and give the appearance of long and lean legs, a perfect silhouette! And who could deny geometric tights. Divine. Less is more my friends so leave the outfit open to imagination 😉 Who knows, your sophisticated and slimming good looks could turn the head of a young I-banker on Wall Street… but who’s trying.

Have an amazing spring break and bring some warm weather back for the rest of us! Till next week… ~JM


1. Flutter sleeve tee from Express $19.50
2. High waist mini-skirt from Express $59.50
3. Diamond mesh tights from JCPenney $6.99
4. Patent belt from JCPenney $19.60
5. Block heel mary janes from Target $17.49