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Rock the bling and really shine for summer
May 31, 2008

Hello bejeweled beauties.

Sure, there is urban outfitters jewelry, but if you love the vintage-y feel and don’t want to see another bohemian princess rocking the same thing, swing by Eclectic Eccentricity.

It’s a UK-based company, but they ship internationally and have similar prices to UO. I love this Japanese heart necklace with those birds that are so in style right now.

happy summer!


Bohemian Beach
April 18, 2008

Check out this cheaper version of Kristen Bell’s outfit. And remember, live it up in the sun, but don’t forget suntan lotion. We don’t want to find the newest wrinkles on your tanned face, we want them to be your hot fashion sense.

1. Maxi Tube Dress from Old Navy $20.00

2. Linen Blend Halter Dress from Old Navy $19.99

3. Nicole Flip Flop Wedge from Payless $17.99

4. Reynolds Strappy Sandal from Payless $15.99

5. Beaded Black Necklace from Target $19.99

6. Green Drop Earrings $7.99

Flash Back to the 60’s (i.e.-MOD!)
April 7, 2008

Innovative, Creative, Bold & Brash. No, I’m not talking about a new rock band. I’m talking about the re-birth of the 1960’s Mod fashion trend and is THE trend for all of the A-list celebrities. Since the fashion trend doesn’t have strict guidelines, this “anything goes,” youthful oriented trend can easily be found in your local department stores. I shopped some great spring dresses with contrasting hues at Maurices & also check out Express for their bright spring looks—both stores are found at the Harrisonburg Valley Mall! ~ Ritzy ‘Razzi

I Spy My Little Eye on… Leggings
April 2, 2008

So I am a bit torn on the leggings trend— whether to report it as a fashion faux pas or a successful comeback trend. I do have to admit that I own and wear leggings, but I only stick to black or brown cotton.

                                              hot-pink-leggings.png                  tie-dye-leggings.png

Faux Pas:The other day my friend walked out of the house wearing hot pink spandex/leggings pants with a short white top which didn’t extend further than her hips. She was using these pants as a substitute for jeans or another pair of pants and I am going to have to report this incident as a fashion faux pas.


Pulling it off: In the past I have also witnessed some women who pulled off the leggings look perfectly. Wearing a solid color pair of leggings is the perfect touch when wearing a longer shirt (by long I mean fully covers one’s bottom and some). Leggings can also look great when wearing a dress that may be a bit too short—you need to be careful not to show too much leg.

Leggings have some celebrities’ support. Read about Lindsey Lohan’s new plans to launch her own leggings line.


Here is some support from the Budget Fashionista on black leggings

What about men wearing leggings???

That’s all.

Detective Dolce

Tips for Shopping Online
March 31, 2008

Do you remember in the movie Clueless when Cher had a computer generate her outfit for the day? I always used to wish I could have my computer tell me what was fashionable… (and that I had her huge closet.)


Clueless came out in 1995 before online shopping even seemed fathomable, but even today, the trend is still not actively taken advantage of when it comes to getting dressed.

You might be a little timid about shopping for fashion online, but when you’re in the H’burg or any other rural college town, finding cute stuff in stores can seem just as difficult as getting over your fear of online shopping. Here are a few tips to ease you in gracefully.


So you want to be an online shopping fashionista?


Start small:
Go to department stores’ Web sites or retailers like my favorite, Amazon.

Online shopping can be incredibly time-consuming for you to find a great deal. Focus on large “everything” stores first, so that as you get more comfortable with online shopping, you can transition to smaller boutiques that have sketchier shipping and return plans.


Know your limit:
No, I’m not talking about your Thursday night game plan. Have a budget and stick to it.

Mine is “No, I will not pay more than $30 for a single piece of clothing (even a dress.)” Spending $20 means I adore it, or that the item is a pair of shoes… usually, for me, adoration and shoes collide.

Because we’ve got the plastic, we think we should spend it. Welcome to the ideal plan of credit card companies who market to irresponsible college students. Remember, you’ll have to pay it back eventually, don’t let it gain interest.

Know when it’s a bargain and when it’s just cheap:
Sometimes, I admit, I know the item is just cheap. I do forgo some quality for quantity. This means that I have clothes falling out of my closet, but I can stay trendy with a few pieces. Classic pieces (a white button-down or make-my-butt-look-great jeans) can cost more. Save money by buying replaceable trendy items so that it doesn’t seem as crazy to spend a decent chunk of change on those unbelievably sexy brand-name jeans.

Sign up for mailing lists:
I cannot stress this enough. So many online customers get deal after deal forwarded to the inbox.

You might be bombarded with emails, but if you have a junk email account, then you can do a weekly check for savings. Sometimes the company’s propaganda pays off and I click on the advertisement, fall in love with an item and the rest is history.

If an item has reviews, read them:
I love how Amazon and Macy’s and other stores allow for feedback (shameless plug alert: Newest Wrinkles loves feedback too! Comment or email at on how you think our blog is doing and what we can do better.) The reviews of an item are often very insightful to whether the product is for you. If 9 out of 10 love it, there’s a pretty good chance the item will be as promised. If everyone says it’s great, but the trend isn’t your style, stay away.

Like I have with these abominations. They’re backkkkk…

80’s retro sunglasses trend

Be safe:
You’re giving out a few identifying details, but you want to be safe while you do so. Many sites have their security policies listed, so it’s always a good idea to check them out before purchasing. More tips

Don’t get carpal tunnel:
By sitting all day at the computer, you might get weary eyes, aching hands and a rather large posterior. Take a break every half hour to refresh. Visit our friends at thecollegeskinny and get moving because now you don’t need to go to Valley Mall to burn those calories.

Love, Lim.mie