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Rock the bling and really shine for summer
May 31, 2008

Hello bejeweled beauties.

Sure, there is urban outfitters jewelry, but if you love the vintage-y feel and don’t want to see another bohemian princess rocking the same thing, swing by Eclectic Eccentricity.

It’s a UK-based company, but they ship internationally and have similar prices to UO. I love this Japanese heart necklace with those birds that are so in style right now.

happy summer!

Exam Break at Tilly’s
April 29, 2008

Maybe it’s a final that you’re stressing so you put a little less effort into what you’re wearing.

After getting coffee at 4 a.m. at Sheetz and then heading back to the library, you figure it’s all right to stroll in wearing a bulky sweatshirt.

I almost agree, but I also feel dressing cute can beat the exam blues. Today is gloomy, the basement at my mother’s house flooded and the worst thing is? I packed all of my winter clothes away. So of course it’s cold.

Rather than unpack, I checked out Tilly’s to feel the warmth of bargains and to see if any great sweatshirts had gone on sale. Look at these.

Even if you’re not a fan of swing jackets, you can not beat a beautiful red one for only $4.97

The jacket is pretty springy, but it’s always a good idea to check out what is out of season for maximum savings. I love this sweatshirt for $39. 97, originally $68.99. I adore the all-over leaf print.

Good luck on finals, we’ll be rooting for you here at Newest Wrinkles, despite being buried under our academics as well,

Mixing Celebrity with Online Cheap
April 23, 2008

I found my muse in Stacy who recommended this awesome site to me as a great way to save bucks while saving face. No worries about looking amazing though, Asos replicates celebrity pieces that you know will look good in case some paparazzi are waiting behind the bushes.

In an homage to J’Adore Me, you don’t just have the Valley Mall for your closet to look like a celebrity. Asos is a British site that offers celeb lookalikes for maximum style. You don’t have to have grown up in the O.C. for some stress relief during this hectic time. This week, when time is of the essence, O.C. stands for Online Cheap.

Try this Mischa-inspired shirt to airily traipse around town or to dance the night away.

Have your currency converter ready though. In U.S. dollars, this style is only $13.21.

May your week be stress-free,


Sleep-deprived… Welcome to Hell Week. Blog on the Way
April 22, 2008

Your bloggers have been faithfully working to continue this blog for your entertainment and learning. We presented to a team of directors this morning in order to propose a continuation of the blog’s success. Hold tight for a post later when Lim.mie has

A) slept
B) discovered a muse

In the meantime, I highly recommend for all your procrastination needs.

Spend your tax refund, “it’s good for the economy”
April 15, 2008

Happy tax day! The best thing to do with your tax refund is well, save it. The second best thing? Spend it on pretty new clothes.

I don’t care what Mother Nature says, it’s spring. Despite major setbacks this week, life here in the Valley has been absolutely gorgeous. It’s the time of the year to revel in the birds chirping and similarly, the students as you spend lazy hours on the crowded quad.

This also means, it’s almost time to pack up and head home. Before that sad, sad day, pick up a few items before your shipping address changes.

My suggestion this week is to get heavenly at Heavenly Couture where everything is $17.95 or less. They know a thing or two in California, and since we’re finally getting her weather, ordering from this store, located in Beverly Hills, seems an obvious choice.

Warmth means simple. An everyday t-shirt can look just as good as going elaborate. For those struts in front of Wilson, Heavenly Couture has lots of basics. This t-shirt comes in tons of colors and is only $6.95.

I love this white skirt with the detailing. Perfect for the warm days of flirting around town.

Also, with formals galore coming up, why not try this stunning royal blue dress. You’ll be the belle of the ball and stand out in all the pictures of black dresses.

Finally, if you’re like me, working in an office setting over the summer means you need to have a little bit of flair while still looking professional. This shirt is dressy enough for a semi-casual office but goes well with jeans. Looks like the new hire will be doing more than just getting coffee.

Happy Shopping and wear sunscreen,