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Gwyneth Paltrow comes up short…
May 6, 2008

Can you believe she’s had two children! The woman looks amazing and is married to one of the most lovable and sincere musicians of today…


This to me is simply a faux pas.

Summer is fantastic for showing off those stems in a minidress, but lets keep it mid-thigh ladies.

I think I spy a  little butt cheek, and that just isn’t right.

So Gwyn, we love you, but please, extend the hemline juuuuuuuust an inch and keep your goods to yourself!


(Today TC was playing Detective Dolce as she perused the internet for some good celebrity fashion.)


Mixing Celebrity with Online Cheap
April 23, 2008

I found my muse in Stacy who recommended this awesome site to me as a great way to save bucks while saving face. No worries about looking amazing though, Asos replicates celebrity pieces that you know will look good in case some paparazzi are waiting behind the bushes.

In an homage to J’Adore Me, you don’t just have the Valley Mall for your closet to look like a celebrity. Asos is a British site that offers celeb lookalikes for maximum style. You don’t have to have grown up in the O.C. for some stress relief during this hectic time. This week, when time is of the essence, O.C. stands for Online Cheap.

Try this Mischa-inspired shirt to airily traipse around town or to dance the night away.

Have your currency converter ready though. In U.S. dollars, this style is only $13.21.

May your week be stress-free,


Bohemian Beach
April 18, 2008

Check out this cheaper version of Kristen Bell’s outfit. And remember, live it up in the sun, but don’t forget suntan lotion. We don’t want to find the newest wrinkles on your tanned face, we want them to be your hot fashion sense.

1. Maxi Tube Dress from Old Navy $20.00

2. Linen Blend Halter Dress from Old Navy $19.99

3. Nicole Flip Flop Wedge from Payless $17.99

4. Reynolds Strappy Sandal from Payless $15.99

5. Beaded Black Necklace from Target $19.99

6. Green Drop Earrings $7.99

Dear Amanda…
April 4, 2008

… That’s me! Now I know what some of you may be thinking.  You either LOVE Amanda Bynes or you HATE Amanda Bynes. Whatever your opinion may be, let’s put our feelings aside and recognize her great taste for fashion! After all, that’s why you visit us everyday 😉 

Now if I can teach you anything about shopping in Harrisonburg it is this… stay away from CHEAP clothing! It’s easy to get lost and confused in a town known for having the largest Walmart on the East coast.  We all know that girl at Highlawn who wears the see-through white dress that unravels as she grinds with the kid from your GWRIT class.  Well, we don’t want to be like her.  Stick with me and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  

What I love most about this outfit is the simplicity of it all.  You can’t go wrong with a high waist skirt paired with a tank and patent black belt. Whether you are an aspiring career woman or a soon to be sophomore, put a little strut in your step and rock this cute outfit.  If you haven’t the hang of my style by now you should.  Less is more (and sexy may I add).  So feel confident as the spring nights approach and put a little wrinkle in your newfound style. 

As school comes to an end I would love some feedback on what you’d like to see featured from yours truly.  Whether it’s the latest styles in downtown Manhattan or the newest summer night beach trends let me know and I will be sure to deliver! Leave your responses below! Until next week… ~JM


1. Cotton Bra Cami from Express $16.50
2. Ruffled Tier Skirt from Target $16.99
3. Patent belt from JCPenney $19.60
4. Isaac Mizrahi Black Mary Jane Pumps from Target $29.99

I Spy My Little Eye on… Leggings
April 2, 2008

So I am a bit torn on the leggings trend— whether to report it as a fashion faux pas or a successful comeback trend. I do have to admit that I own and wear leggings, but I only stick to black or brown cotton.

                                              hot-pink-leggings.png                  tie-dye-leggings.png

Faux Pas:The other day my friend walked out of the house wearing hot pink spandex/leggings pants with a short white top which didn’t extend further than her hips. She was using these pants as a substitute for jeans or another pair of pants and I am going to have to report this incident as a fashion faux pas.


Pulling it off: In the past I have also witnessed some women who pulled off the leggings look perfectly. Wearing a solid color pair of leggings is the perfect touch when wearing a longer shirt (by long I mean fully covers one’s bottom and some). Leggings can also look great when wearing a dress that may be a bit too short—you need to be careful not to show too much leg.

Leggings have some celebrities’ support. Read about Lindsey Lohan’s new plans to launch her own leggings line.


Here is some support from the Budget Fashionista on black leggings

What about men wearing leggings???

That’s all.

Detective Dolce