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Thrift Store Introducing THRIFT CHIC:
Thrift Chic is a twenty-year-old public relations student at James Madison University. Understanding the struggle of a full time student who pays most of her bills, she is here to help you find fashion at the absolute lowest cost. Being a girl on a tight budget, she has always enjoyed perusing thrift stores and discount retailers in search of good fashion. Let her help you train those eyes to spot amazing finds for low funds in places you have never thought to look before!

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Online Shopping Introducing LIM.MIE:
Lim.mie is a public relations and corporate communication JMU junior with no car. A gift in disguise, she uses the Internet to search out the best online deals to keep her looking fresh on the Harrisonburg bus system. While not from an uber-fashionable Northern Va town, She knows how to hitchhike her way to Tyson’s Corner, Georgetown and more frequently to bargain blessings, Potomac Mills and the Leesburg Outlets. Lim.mie frequents Web sites and finds wonderful sales and provides poor students with plenty of riches. In her free time, she is involved with several organizations on campus and off with a special affinity for meeting new people, mentoring children and taking care of cute animals at the SPCA.

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Look for Less Introducing J’ADORE ME:
J’adore Me is a twenty-one-year-old public relations and marketing student at JMU. Born and raised in a New Jersey suburb, just twelve miles outside the Big Apple, she spent many a day skipping school to walk around Fifth Avenue, dreaming of the day she could buy her first pair of Jimmy Choos. Now, a broke college student, she has come to realize the only way to look good is to bargain shop around the Valley, bringing the looks from US Weekly into the classrooms of Harrison Hall. She enjoys her Perezhilton, Bravo channel and anything and everything having to do with fashion. J’adore Me also enjoys long walks on the beach and holding hands.

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What not to Wear Introducing DETECTIVE DOLCE:
My name is Detective Dolce and I am currently living in the ‘Burg. Most of my life I have lived right outside a fast-paced city in which I witnessed ground-breaking fashion trends. During my free time instead of reading a novel or doing homework, you can find me watching Project Runway, with my head stuffed in the latest fashion magazine or online shopping.

Ever since I was little I have had an eye for trendsetters and those who just don’t get fashion. This talent inspired me to tacke the problem in Harrisonburg by scoping out the fashionistas and the fashion mistakes. Bewear of your fashion choices as I am watching, waiting to catch one of you. I will be taking pictures to show readers how to avoid fashion faux pas and use good fashion sense. Of course there will be anonymity. My goal is not to embarrass someone who thought it was a good idea to wear jeans two sizes too small, but rather I hope to inform the public that this is a fashion faux pas.

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Paparazzi Introducing THE RITZY ‘RAZZI:
Ritzy ‘Razzi is a twenty-one-year-old, senior public relations and political communication major, and just living the dream in Harrisonburg. Growing up in D.C., Ritzy ‘Razzi has been immersed in the art of fashion since the day she could waddle around boutiques with her mother. Her sense of fashion only grew when she would take regular trips with her mother to NYC and famous fashion district in the District. When she’s not traveling, Ritzy ‘Razzi’s nose is in everything, including the latest trends. This swanky gal is full of life when it comes to picking her wardrobe. Her look is for the ageless, classic and clean-cut pieces that have never been outdated. But, that doesn’t stop her from being adventurous with her clothing pieces. Every day is a day to look and feel fabulous or maybe even like a celebrity. She lives by her US weekly, PEOPLE, OK and STAR magazines, since celebrities carry all the new trends. With all of this information she is certain to find the latest celebrity trends in this Friendly City of Harrisonburg. Her goal is to find the ritzy fashion trends in this rural area of the Valley and on a college student’s budget. She will also uncover the not so friendly trends the unfortunate students of JMU might try to pull off. But don’t worry; it will be in a nice way of course!

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