Gwyneth Paltrow comes up short…

Can you believe she’s had two children! The woman looks amazing and is married to one of the most lovable and sincere musicians of today…


This to me is simply a faux pas.

Summer is fantastic for showing off those stems in a minidress, but lets keep it mid-thigh ladies.

I think I spy a  little butt cheek, and that just isn’t right.

So Gwyn, we love you, but please, extend the hemline juuuuuuuust an inch and keep your goods to yourself!


(Today TC was playing Detective Dolce as she perused the internet for some good celebrity fashion.)


2 Responses

  1. I love her dress as a shirt but I think we’re seeing her fashion dont’s a little too easily. She could’ve at least rocked some hot shorts so we’re not seeing her womb. I mean, her blazer is the same length as the dress! Clearly that “minidress” is a tunic at best.

    On another note, I adore her. I did see Ironman and maybe she was showing that she’s not always the conservative “Pepper Potts?”

  2. Amen sister.

    How can you not love her, she’s a real mom (none of that nanny business) and a fantastic working actress.

    I think a cropped tailored pant would be great underneath this, or even a hot tailored short. I respect her taking a risk and showing off her hard work at the gym…but you have to know where to draw the line. Unfortunately she crossed the line of sexy to (and I hate to say it) skanky.

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